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Steel coil packaging board, have you selected the right one?

Details Introduction:

steel coil packaging materials

steel coil packaging materials

For most products, packaging is a necessary condition for transportation, storage and sale. The steel coil packaging board is made to protect the coil. The use of steel coil packaging board can make the steel coil no loose and no damp in transport and storage.

There are 2 kinds of common steel coil Packaging:

One is simple packaging. After the steel coil coiling is finished, the 1~3 steel strip is fastened on the outer circle, which is suitable for the hot rolled coil, the chilled coil, and the steel coil with short distance transportation and good transportation conditions.

Second, fine packaging. According to the packaging process requirements, the different packaging materials wrapped in the outer surface of the coil and binding stereotypes, the process is suitable for cold-rolled plate, especially silicon steel.

Today, manufacturers of packaging technology requirements are increasingly enhanced, simple packaging has begun to be phased out, more sophisticated packaging has slowly entered all kinds of large steel coil industry. Steel coils can be used to protect steel coils from damage in storage and transportation, but also to increase product costs.

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