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Steps of packing steel rolls with coil packaging board

Details Introduction:

coil packaging board

Packing steps for the use of plastic side panels:

1.Coil packaging board is hoisted to the packing position, and the inside sheet of the paper is installed.
2.Install PVC plastic electrostatic protection film, wrapped in antirust paper, used for waterproof.Paper or plastic protection 4, installed on every 300mm tape sticking length good.
3.Install plastic side panel. The location of the plate interface should be controlled at 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock, and the opening is downward, and the lap is sealed with cloth base tape. The purpose is to prevent water from causing rust and prevent the Coil packaging board from damaging during transportation.
4.In the form of a roll in the form of plastic plate. Joint center line overlap in 12 point clock, using duct tape sealing interface.
5.The arrangement of the external steel angle. Install plastic side panel. Be careful.
6.The butt weld interface of the metal side panel should be lowered horizontally and not up to prevent the infiltration of the rain along the joint during the transfer or transportation of the steel coil.
7.Fitted with steel in the corner.
8.To tie the band in a week. The outer circumferential angle of two tie matter, locking and locking pad should try to play in the clock at 12, to prevent the steel coil stacking when crushed, crushed. In the bundle of belt tightening, tilt angle, using a rubber hammer hammer out Coil packaging board. The middle circumference band should be tied up after the longitudinal bundle is finished in order to compress the longitudinal straps.
9.Beat the longitudinal straps.
10.A label is attached to the inner circumferential shield and both sides of the steel coil.

coil packaging board


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