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The quality of Steel coil packaging directly affects the value of products

Details Introduction:

Steel coil packaging

Steel coil packaging

The packaging of steel coil is a necessary process to ensure the integrity of product quality, because the packaging of products directly affects the value of products and sales results, so it can be said that packaging is an indispensable prerequisite for the transportation, storage and sales of steel coil products. Steel coil packaging is made of high density polyethylene resin, extruded and pressed into a molding process. This product can protect steel coil from impact, water and pressure during storage and transportation.

The steel coil packaging has the advantages of smooth surface, flat surface, pressure resistance, impact resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and so on. And there are acid proof, waterproof, strong buffer and other characteristics, is the ideal packaging of stainless steel plate (coil), hot, cold rolling plate (coil), galvanized plate (coil) and other steel materials. In order to prevent steel coil rusting in storage or transportation, the following packaging methods are generally adopted: the inner layer is wrapped with vapor phase anti-rust paper and sealed with tape; the middle is wrapped with plastic film; the inner roll is lined with cardboard; the outer layer is wrapped with iron sheet and Angle protector; and the outer layer is bound and fixed with steel belt.

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