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Steel coil packaging board

Details Introduction:

Steel coil packaging board supplier,steel coil packing plate provider


Coil packaging is a process to ensure the quantity and quality of the product and the integrity.As the packaging of steel products directly affect the value of the product and sales, so for most of the steel, the coil packaging is the product transportation, storage, sales indispensable link.Our steel coil packaging board is made of LDPE high density polyethylene resin and processed by extrusion molding process.
Color of steel coil packaging board is colorful and can be customized according to customer requirements.
Steel coil packing plate is made of plastic sheet as base material and is processed by extrusion and compression molding.Steel coil packaging board has no burrs and no dimensional errors. It is an ideal packing material for steel coils.
Characteristics of steel coil packing plate:
Coil packaging plate has the characteristics of non-toxic, smooth surface, pressure resistance, impact resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, acid proof, fire prevention, and is not easily broken, strong buffer.


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